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Motor Vehicle Offenses/Traffic Violations Lawyer In Connecticut

Motor vehicle offenses can range from mere speeding and failure to wear a seatbelt, to very serious offenses such as manslaughter (causing the death of another individual in connection with the use of a motor vehicle). These offenses also involve penalties ranging from a breach to an infringement or even a criminal offense. If you are charged with an infraction, violation or a misdemeanor, you need an experienced attorney by your side advocating forcefully to protect your rights and interests.

At The Upton Law Firm, we have over five decades of combined experience helping clients fight all types of motor vehicle offenses. We are a veteran owned and operated firm, and we know what it means to serve. We provide highly personalized service, and we have a successful track record helping our clients obtain positive results. We can thoroughly analyze your case and give you an honest assessment including possible outcomes, as well as provide you with a cost benefit analysis to help you with your case.

Call The Upton Law Firm for Skilled and Aggressive Defense of Traffic Violations and Motor Vehicle Offense

Common Types of Motor Vehicle Offenses in Connecticut

We assist clients with all types of motor vehicle violations, this includes:

  • Speeding
  • Reckless Driving
  • Driving with a Suspended or Revoked License
  • Driving without Insurance
  • Driving with Unpaid Tickets
  • Operating a Vehicle without the Owner’s Consent
  • Commercial Driver’s License Violations
  • Cell Phone/Texting while Driving Violations
  • Seat Belt Violations
  • School and Construction Zone Violations
  • Following too Closely/Tailgating
  • Running a Stop Sign or Red Light
  • Improper Lane Usage
  • Failure to Yield
  • Failure to Stop at a Railroad Crossing
  • Street Racing/Drag Racing
  • Overweight Truck Violations
  • Evasion of Responsibility (e.g., Fleeing the Scene of an Accident)
  • Assault with a Motor Vehicle
  • Vehicular Homicide

Consequences for Motor Vehicle Offenses

Penalties for motor vehicle violations vary widely depending on the type of violation you are charged with. Some traffic offenses are infractions or violations that are not charged criminally. Examples include speeding, making an illegal turn, running a red light, and many others. Although you may not face jail time for these types of offenses, they can still be costly if you plead guilty or you are convicted.

Traffic violations add points to your driver’s license, which can lead to the loss of your driving privileges. The number of points you receive depends on the severity of the violation. Minor violations will result in one or two points on your driver’s license, while more severe violations may add five or more.

Once you accumulate six points, the Connecticut DMV sends you a warning letter. If you have 10 points or more, your driver’s license is suspended for 30 days. If you accumulate an additional 10 points or more within five years of your initial suspension, your license is suspended again until you drop back down to 10 points or fewer. Points on your driver’s license can also cause your insurance rates to skyrocket, and you can expect to pay higher rates until those points drop off.

Some motor vehicle offenses are charged as misdemeanors, which means a conviction can land you in jail and become part of your criminal record. Offenses in this category may include reckless driving, evasion of responsibility, and DUI. In addition to heavy fines, accumulating points on your driver’s license, loss of driving privileges, and higher insurance rates, a criminal conviction can result in several other negative consequences as well. For example, having a criminal record can make it more difficult to obtain employment, housing, and student loans. You may also find it difficult to obtain or renew a professional license.

How to Handle a Traffic Stop

When you are pulled over for a traffic violation or motor vehicle offense, you may be issued a ticket and a summons to appear in court, or in some cases, the officer may let you off with a warning. This depends largely on the reason you are pulled over, how you conduct yourself during the stop, and the discretion of the officer. It is always best to be polite and courteous when you are dealing with law enforcement, even if you don’t agree with what the officer is saying and/or don’t like how he/she is talking to you. Oftentimes, your attitude toward the officer can be a determining factor with regards to what the officer decides to do. You may or may not be let off with a warning, but at the very least, your polite demeanor will be noted and taken into account when your case goes to court.

Fighting Your Motor Vehicle Violation

When you are facing a motor vehicle offense, you need to be proactive and do whatever you can to resolve it in the most favorable manner. The last thing you want to do is ignore it. If you ignore an outstanding violation, it will not go away on its own. In fact, the situation will only become worse. You could just pay the ticket or plead guilty, but that is usually not a good idea because of the consequences mentioned earlier. The best course of action is to contest the violation and obtain strong legal counsel to help you fight it in court and minimize the negative consequences.

Our attorneys can thoroughly assess your case and explore every potential legal avenue toward obtaining a more favorable outcome. We will analyze the specifics of your case for any weaknesses, errors, and oversights by the state that can be used to negotiate a potential reduction to a lesser offense or dismissal of the charges altogether. It is important to keep in mind that prosecutors do not typically want to spend a lot of time dealing with motor vehicle offenses as they prefer to focus their energies on more serious cases. In many instances, they are willing to negotiate, especially if you have an attorney representing you.

Speak with an Experienced Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyer

Motor vehicle offenses and traffic violations often seem like minor issues, but they can cost you far more than you may realize. At The Upton Law Firm, we have successfully handled countless infractions, violations, and misdemeanors for others who have been in your shoes. We understand how the criminal justice system works, and we know the most effective defense strategies to help you mitigate the circumstances as much as possible. To schedule a personalized consultation with one of our skilled attorneys, call our office today at 860-893-0558, or send a us a message through our online contact form. You may also stop by our office in West Hartford at your convenience.

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