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Employment Discrimination and Harassment

What constitutes employment discrimination and harassment? There is a fine line between what is legal and illegal in an employment discrimination claim and it is often far more difficult to navigate and prove than a harassment claim.  If you feel like you are a victim of employment discrimination because of certain protected characteristics you can potentially have a claim. However, If you want to pursue an employment discrimination claim against an employer, it must be clear and provable that certain discrimination occurred.

With regards a harassment claim, it is more often the case than not that you may not be the only aggrieved individual in the workplace.  In most cases, a colleague will have participated in or attempted acts of harassment to more than just one other individual. Coupled with the various other methods of obtaining conclusive evidence, This fact makes the investigative process in a harassment claim easier to navigate.

Whatever case you may be pursuing, our trained attorneys can give you proper guidance and help with the investigative aspects to a discrimination and harassment claim.

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