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Family Law Services in Connecticut

Family Law - The Upton Law FirmFamily law cases can be very unique.  They often become legally complex, requiring the assistance of an experienced Connecticut Family Law Attorney to help navigate the challenging path that is family law.  These cases also tug at the heartstrings, so working with an understanding and compassionate Connecticut Family Law Attorney can help with the emotional impact of family law matters. In fact, most family law cases have the potential to be contentious and divisive. At The Upton Law Firm, our experienced Connecticut Family Law Attorneys have helped couples, parents, and families navigate the family law system in order to secure the most positive outcome for our clients. While we realize that family law matters can be highly controversial, it’s also best to try to settle these matters in an amicable, cooperative, and effective manner, especially where small children are concerned. We take a proactive approach to our cases and seek to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

Our lawyers have been practicing family law for many years and the laws have evolved over that time. Today, we have the knowledge and experience that you are looking for when you need a family law attorney, as well as the compassion and patience that your case deserves.

Our Family Law Practice Areas

  • DivorceWhen a marriage is no longer functional, parties to that marriage may decide to end it by pursuing dissolution of marriage, otherwise known as divorce. Because Connecticut is a no fault divorce state, a couple may terminate their marriage simply because it is “irretrievably broken,” and are not required to prove marital misconduct or other fault grounds. While divorce can be filed at any time, couples must confront a number of legal issues in divorce, ranging from division of property, child support and more.
  • Dissolution of civil union. In Connecticut, civil unions were created to provide same sex couples with the same rights and benefits that are acquired by opposite sex couples through marriage. Today, the state no longer issues civil unions; instead, same sex couples may seek marriage, and existing civil unions may be converted into a marriage. However, if a civil union exists and the couple no longer wish to be bound by the union, they must pursue dissolution of the union through the court system. Much like divorce, this is a legal process that requires addressing a number of legal issues.
  • Child custodyWhen couples, who are parents, are dissolving a union or marriage, they will have to make a determination about who will retain custody of their children. In Connecticut, parents may maintain joint or sole legal custody (the power to make decisions on the child’s behalf) or physical custody (living with a child). All custody decisions in Connecticut must be made in the best interests of the child.
  • Child supportParents who do not have physical custody of their child will likely be ordered by the court to make recurring child support payments; both parents have a duty to provide for their child’s financial well-being. Child support guidelines in Connecticut use a mathematical formula to determine how much each parent is responsible for based on the parties’ income and the number of children. There may be exceptions to the guidelines based on circumstances that necessitate deviations, such as a special need of a child.
  • Modification of court ordersOnce a court order has been issued by a family law judge, it can be difficult to modify. However, modification is not impossible, and in many situations, modification may be in the best interests of the involved parties. Spousal maintenance, child custody, and child support orders can all be modified when circumstances change significantly in order to justify the modification.
  • Legal separationIn Connecticut, a legal separation is obtained through a very similar procedure as is a divorce, and may be pursued on the same grounds. In a legal separation, the same issues – division of property, child custody, child support, and spousal maintenance will all need to be considered, and a determination about these issues must be made. The only real difference between a legal separation and a divorce is that in the former, a couple is still married, can reconcile at any point, and cannot remarry while the separation is valid.
  • Guardian Ad Litem (GAL)A Guardian Ad Litem,or GAL, is a person who is appointed by the court to protect the interests of a child whose parents are involved in the court system. For example, if parents are pursuing a divorce are unable to reach an agreement about child custody, a GAL may be appointed to ensure that the child’s interests are protected during the dispute. A GAL is responsible for investigating the facts of the case, interviewing key witnesses, talking with the child’s teachers or coaches, meeting with child psychologists, making recommendations about the child’s best interests to the court, and encouraging parents to settle the dispute as soon as possible.

How Our Family Law Attorneys Help You

When you hire our law firm to represent you for a family law matter, your case is our priority. Whether you need help securing a spousal maintenance award during a divorce, establishing paternity to move forward with a child custody request, or have questions about how to modify a court order or anything else related to family law, we are here for you.

We often encourage parties involved in a family law matter to settle the issue out of court through negotiations and mediations. Our experienced family law attorneys are highly skilled in these two areas of the law and would ensure your rights are protected. Settling matters out of court saves you time and money, puts more decision making power in your hands, and is often less contentious, preserving the relationship between you and the other party to the greatest degree possible.

If an out-of-court settlement cannot be reached in your family law case, our experienced Connecticut family law attorneys are equipped to bring even the most complex of cases to court and advocate for you during a family law trial. We know how to investigate and build your case to demonstrate to a judge why they should issue a determination in your favor.

If your case is not able to resolve amicably, our experienced trial lawyers will fight for your rights.

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