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Child Support

Child support is an important issue in divorce, whether you are the paying spouse or receiving spouse. The family law attorneys at The Upton Law Firm can guide you through the process of determining child support to help ensure that a fair and proper amount of support is calculated that meets your child’s needs.

Calculating Child Support in Connecticut

Child support is calculated according to the Connecticut child support guidelines. These guidelines take into account a variety of factors and plug them into a formula to calculate the total amount of support, and then each parent’s share is calculated based on their income. The guideline amount will reflect a fixed weekly amount known as the basic support obligation, plus amounts figured in for out-of-pocket health care expenses and child care. Other expenses can also be figured into the child support amount by agreement of the parties or as needed for expenses such as sports and other extra-curricular activities, summer camp, car insurance, cell phones, a computer, etc.

The judge is also authorized to deviate from the child support guidelines in a number of situations, including educational needs of the parents, needs of other children supported by a parent, extraordinary visitation expenses, shared or split custody situations, the existence of other assets held by a parent, earning capacity, etc. If seeking or challenging a deviation from the guidelines amount, your attorney can help you make the best case to support your position. Your attorney can also help ensure that all income sources are reported fully and accurately so that the guideline amount is calculated correctly.

Modifying or Terminating Child Support

If a party can go to court and demonstrate a substantial change in circumstances, the judge can modify a child support order post-divorce. The motion to modify support can be opposed by the other parent, and both parties can be represented by legal counsel to help them persuade the judge of the correct ruling on a modification. Child support payments terminate when the child turns 18 years old, unless the parents expressly agree otherwise.

Get Help with Connecticut Child Support Awards

Although child support is for the most part determined according to state law, there are many ways in which an attorney can help ensure that the proper amount is arrived at fairly and in the best interests of the parents and the children. For help with a child support determination or post-divorce modification in Connecticut, contact The Upton Law Firm at 860-893-0558.

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