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Real Estate Lawyers in West Hartford Connecticut

There are few things that can have a greater impact on your life than buying or selling a home. Buying a home is not only a financial undertaking, but often the start of something great for individuals and families throughout Connecticut.

That said, buying or selling a home can also be a complex legal process, as well as one that can have major repercussions on your life should a real estate transaction unfold in an unexpected manner. In order to protect your best interests when you are acting as a buyer or a seller in a real estate transaction, retaining the counsel of an experienced Connecticut residential real estate lawyer is strongly advised.

At the Upton Law Firm, our residential real estate team has been serving clients throughout our state for over 40 years. We stay abreast of all current real estate laws and market trends, and are well-versed in adeptly guiding clients through even the most involved real estate transactions. Reach us today to learn how we can help.

Our Residential Real Estate Services

A lawyer from our firm can provide you with the quality legal representation that you need when you are entering a real estate transaction. We advise and represent clients throughout all phases of the real estate process, and have experience providing services to both buyers and sellers.

Services for Buyers

 Our services for buyers are multi-faced and comprehensive. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Buy-sell contract/purchase agreement review. A purchase agreement, also called a buy-sell agreement, is one of the most important documents in the home-buying process. The purchase agreement is a legally-binding contract that outlines the obligations of each party to the sale, as well as any conditions for the sale to be completed. The purchase agreement will list any contingencies, such as repairs that need to be made on the property in order for the buyer to proceed, in addition to the purchase price, itemized closing costs and who will pay for each, what fixtures of the property are included in the sale (such as a refrigerator), the planned closing date, and more. It may also outline what remedies are available should the buyer or seller breach the contract.

Because the specifics of a buy-sell agreement can have a monumental impact on the real estate transaction, it is best to have this agreement written by, reviewed by, and/or revised by an attorney before you sign it.

  • Title search and review. Equally as important as entering a purchase agreement that is legally sound is ensuring that a title search of the property to be purchased is conducted. A title search is an examination of the title of the property – this is done to review the property’s history and determine whether or not there are any title defects. A title search will provide information about things like property tax and ownership records, and will also reveal any issues that may encumber the sale, such as liens against the property, forged or fabricated documents, missing heirs, unknown easements, boundary disputes, and more. Not only should you hire a lawyer who is skilled in conducting thorough title search and review work, but you should also purchase title insurance should any problems be discovered post-closing.
  • Representation at closing. When you choose our team, we will also represent you at closing – the most exciting part of the real estate transaction process. Our services at closing include a thorough review of all closing and financial documents, an explanation of your lending obligation and duty to repay your loan (as well as the terms of your mortgage), and representation with regards to any other issues that may surface.

Services for Sellers

Our legal team is also able to represent sellers in a real estate transaction, providing many of the same services that we offer to buyers, including the creation and review of a purchase agreement and representation at closing. In addition, our services that are seller-specific include guiding you through the legal transfer of property, determining how to handle any title defects and encumbrances on a home, and helping you to understand–and comply with–Connecticut’s real estate disclosure laws. (Disclosure laws in our state require that sellers make certain specific disclosures to buyers regarding the conditions of a home).

Representation in Real Estate Disputes

While most real estate transactions are carried out as intended, with both the buyer and the seller fulfilling the obligations they are legally bound to, some real estate transactions involve a breach of contract or another type of dispute.

The Advantages of Working with a Connecticut Residential Real Estate and Title Attorney

 Connecticut statutes do not explicitly state that the representation of an attorney is required in a real estate transaction. However, statutes do require that an attorney is involved in any real estate transaction that involves title insurance. Further, there are some real estate transaction services and activities that may be considered the practice of law; therefore, these practices may only be legally performed by an attorney.

Regardless of the legal requirement to work with a lawyer (or the lack thereof) in Connecticut, seeking the representation of a qualified attorney is in your best interests. In a real estate transaction, there are tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars on the line. When you work with a lawyer, you can be sure that unclear or vague terms in your sale contract are avoided, that any title issues are fully addressed, that home inspections and disclosures are performed thoroughly and correctly, and that any potential problems are identified early and are resolved before closing day.

Contact Our Connecticut Real Estate Lawyers Today

 Buying or selling a home is a big decision, both as it relates to your finances and your future. When you choose the skilled real estate lawyers at the Upton Law Firm, you can take comfort in the fact that you’re choosing a legal team with decades of experience, an in-depth understanding of real estate laws, and an unwavering commitment to protecting your legal rights and interests throughout each phase of the transaction.

To learn more about our real estate and title work legal services, get in touch with our team directly by calling us at 860-893-0558, stop by our West Hartford location in person, or use the intake form on our website to send us a brief message telling us more about how we can serve you.

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