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Workplace Injury

workplaceWorkplace injury is the most common type of Workers Compensation claim in Connecticut and the most difficult to navigate through. If you have been injured or fallen ill from a work place related injury or illness, you need a lawyer to help immediately. This is due to the fact that in most cases, the Employer and Insurance Company are not on your side. The respondents will fight you every step of the way essentially for the reason that it is a double negative for them: they do not want to pay an injured worker to be “out of work” or on “limited work duty” as well as the future costs associated with the claim. One small mistake on an injured workers part in the beginning of the case can be disastrous for the claim, this is why you must consult the expertise of an Attorney immediately.  Our firm offers consultations on various Federal, State and Local regulations which govern work related injuries. We will work that extra mile to discuss your case,  your concerns, and make you knowledgeable on your rights and advise on them.

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