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Walk the Line

By The Upton Law Firm, LLC |

Why field sobriety tests are inconclusive, and how you might be paying for it in the end Even if you’ve never been in a DUI situation before, chances are you have seen it on TV or in the movies – A police officer pulls over a young man or a frazzled business woman and… Read More »

Experience Matters

By The Upton Law Firm, LLC |

Why partnering with a DUI Lawyer is the Smartest Choice You’ll Make A DUI is a serious charge—one that can make some significant changes to your life. Aside from a hefty fine, a DUI can result in loss of license and the requirement to attend classes or complete community service hours. Depending on the… Read More »

Veterans Commercial

By The Upton Law Firm, LLC |

Personal Injury T.V Spot

By The Upton Law Firm, LLC |
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