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Social Security Disability Lawyer in Newington

Generally, if you or your loved ones are suffering from a mental or physical disability that prevents you from working, you are entitled to seek Social Security Disability benefits. Unfortunately, the process for obtaining benefits can be a long, drawn out process with frustrating delays and denials. Many applicants who apply for Social Security benefits initially get denied. If your initial claim gets denied then you should consider finding a qualified Social Security disability lawyer to represent your claim for your present and past due benefits.

Should I Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

It is a fact that more than 60% of the initial Social Security Disability claims get rejected. If there is a mistake along the way, the chances are high that the case might get delayed for a very long time, especially when the case has reached the hearing stage. In such cases you should hire lawyer to represent you. Since the application process can be very confusing, it is always beneficial to find a lawyer who you can reach out to at any time.

Our Social Security Disability lawyers will represent you throughout the case and we will keep you up to date with the details of the proceedings. It is important to us to let you know what is happening with your case so you are not in the dark. We thoroughly evaluate cases on an individual basis and determine what is needed to improve your case. We find the strongest medical evidence and doctor’s opinion to improve your chances of winning a case. Our clients always come first, so we will do what it takes to create more satisfied clients.

If your initial claim has been denied and you are considering an appeal, it is also a good idea to consider us. Our Social Security Disability Lawyers in Newington are available for a free, no-obligation consultation to know how we can help with your case.


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