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Veterans Benefits Lawyer in Newington

Veterans who have been injured while serving the country are entitled to disability benefits. Applying for the benefits through the Department of Veteran Affairs can be a challenging process with the potential for long delays. The rules governing the VA are frustrating and difficult to comprehend, so it is naturally well-advised to be represented by an experienced attorney. Our veteran’s benefits lawyers in Newington have the ability and experience to help you get the benefits you have rightfully earned.

You should immediately consult a lawyer if your application for the disability benefits has been denied. Whether you intend to file an appeal, or need a discharge upgrade, your best option is to consult an attorney who has the experience in dealing with such cases.

Life is a challenge for returning Veterans, more so for those returning home with injuries. Some injuries that Veterans cope with are visible; other issues are invisible to the naked eye. Their transition back home can be an agonizing and tormenting journey with added complications like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, stress, depression, traumatic brain injuries, and other physical injuries like loss of limbs or other impairments. We can understand what you are going through better than other lawyers because our attorneys have also served our country. Our experiences urged us to create a law firm to fight for those who had the courage to fight for us! We support and advise our clients throughout their case so that we can get the best benefits to get them through turbulent times.

Here are some reasons to help your decision in working with us:

  • We work with all the aspects of VA process
  • We carry years of experience dealing with the rules and regulations
  • We have a strong network of individuals and paralegals to support your claim
  • No one knows better than us what evidence is needed to bring the optimum results
  • We treat all our cases with utter importance and personal attention
  • Our lawyers are always ready to lend a hand to our clients

Our veterans benefits lawyers in Newington can help you through the application or appeal process from beginning to end. Call us today if you need to apply for benefits or if you have received a denial letter from the VA.


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