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Social Security Disability Lawyer in West Hartford

If you are disabled and cannot perform your normal work, you may be worried about paying your bills or caring for your family. The Social Security Disability Program was created to protect you from such circumstances. Unfortunately, most claims get denied on the first attempt to apply. The Social Security Administration is much more likely to approve a claim accompanied by legal counsel. Our Social Security Disability Lawyers serve West Hartford, Connecticut, and we accept and pursue cases across the State of Connecticut.

Why hire a disability attorney?

Imagine that you are leading a decent life, enjoying it to the fullest, when suddenly an unexpected injury or ailment completely derails your future. You may not be able to work at all. Bills begin piling up, adding more stress to aggravate your suffering. Social Security Disability may be able to get our life back on track and an attorney at The Upton Law Firm can considerably increase the chances of winning your claim and getting the benefits that you need.

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