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Workers Compensation Lawyer in West Hartford

Our Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in West Hartford  are armed with the right experience to help resolve your workplace injury claims. Often times, employers and their insurance companies are at an advantage, so you need the right attorney fighting for you. Our lawyers at The Upton Law Firm can give you the boost you need to get the benefits you deserve. We will work hard to build your case and take the time to make sure you understand your position in the claim.

Our involvement in your case means improving your chances to win a maximum award for yourself and the benefits that you are entitled to.

The Upton Law Firm handles many Workers’ Compensation Claims including:

  1. Collective Bargaining
  2. Employment discrimination and harassment
  3. Occupational safety and health
  4. Management labor issues
  5. Wrongful discharge
  6. Workplace injury
  7. Arbitration
  8. Alternate dispute resolution
  9. Wage and hour law
  10.  Common law employment claims
  11.  Non compete and trade secret litigation.

Each state has a time limit to file a claim so you must act immediately. There are exceptions such as those injuries which result in a coma, or are of the nature which requires prolonged treatment or surgery which make the person unfit to file the claim. Only an experienced lawyer can be of help in this process and that is why scores of injured employees place confidence in us. Do not hesitate to call our Workers Compensation Lawyers in West Hartford for a free consultation.


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