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What should I do if I’m hurt on the job?


If you were hurt on the job, there are some steps you should take immediately. By hurt on the job, that could mean:

• A one-time event (or the result of a one-time event) that causes you to get injured. For example, you slip and fall on the floor in the workplace, sustaining broken bones and other injuries.

• An injury or illness that is related to your work that happens over time, such as a repetitive stress injury (RSI) or occupational illness.

What is important that you do initially, and as soon as you are aware of the illness or injury, is to report it to your employer. And of course, if you need medical care and treatment for your condition, obtain that immediately as well.

Your employer is obligated to provide you with prompt medical treatment if your injury or illness is work-related. If, for some reason, your employer is denying that the injury is work-related, seek your own medical care.

In any case, make sure to contact the Upton Law Firm right away. We have been helping injured workers in Connecticut for many decades.

Why Would an Employer Deny a Workers’ Compensation Claim?
When an employee is injured on the job and workers’ compensation benefits are paid, it causes the employer’s insurance premiums to go up. Because of this, they may look for a reason to deny your claim.

One of the most common justifications an employer uses for denying a claim is that it is not work-related. For example, if it is the repetitive injury or illness, they may say that you contracted the condition outside of work. If it is an injury from a one-time event, they might say that it happened while you were commuting to or from work, on your lunch break, or otherwise “off the clock”.

These types of situations can get into some gray areas where things are not always clear cut. For example, maybe you fell while you were eating lunch in the employee cafeteria. In that case, you would probably be covered because the injury happened on company grounds. If, on the other hand, you are injured while walking over to Subway to pick up a sandwich for lunch, this injury may not be covered, unless you were also picking up lunch for your boss.

Other reasons your employer may deny a workers’ compensation claim when you are hurt on the job include:

• No one witnessed the injury, so you cannot prove that it was work-related;
• You did not report the injury in a timely manner (if you follow our earlier advice, this will not be an issue);
• Your injury occurred while you were intentionally breaking a workplace safety rule;
• Your injury occurred while you were trying to hurt yourself or someone else;
• Your injury occurred while you were under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs;
• Your injury occurred while you were committing a serious crime.

Call the Upton Law Firm for Help if you were Hurt on the Job
If you suffered a workplace injury in Connecticut, contact the Upton Law Firm for immediate assistance. Call our office today at (860) 893-0558 or message us through our web contact form.

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