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LegalPal™ FAQs

How do I get started?

  1. Submit a case evaluation form to us for review;
  2. If your case qualifies for our LegalPal™ service, we will email you a Fee Agreement for your authorization. Sign it, scan it, and email it back to us;
  3. We will then open your account. You will be emailed a link to our online case management system to create your account password;
  4. Once your account is active, you will receive an invoice for the program you selected. Just pay your fee directly online with a credit card or check;
  5. All of the documents and step-by-step instructions necessary for your case will be directly uploaded to your account within 24 hours;

What are my responsibilities?

  1. Provide us with as much detail about your case as possible. Be honest;
  2. Execute a Fee Agreement and pay the required fee;
  3. Fill out the Client Intake Form completely;
  4. Ensure that all calendar events and deadlines are met;
  5. Be at all court matters;
  6. Pay any filing fees, court costs, fines, program fees or service charges directly to the court or service provider;
  7. Keep us informed of any changes to your personal information, any new facts that could affect your case, or any new charges or violations;

What is included the LegalPal™ Service?

  1. Access to your case Workflow which will provide you with step-by-step instructions about how to fill out forms, what to do with the documents, and where and when to file them;
  2. Access to your case calendar which will contain important dates and deadlines for your case with reminders to alert you of important upcoming events;
  3. Around the clock access to our case management system, anytime you need it from any computer or mobile device;
  4. Access to our legal staff via the case management system;
  5. Professional legal assistance throughout your case from start to finish;
  6. Unlimited document storage;
  7. Ability to download fillable forms and print any time.

What are the responsibilities of The LegalPal™ staff?

  1. We will provide you with sound legal advice and recommendations and answer all of your questions in a timely manner;
  2. We will review all of your documents to ensure accuracy and all relevant information is provided;
  3. We will maintain attorney-client confidentiality;
  4. We will provide you with access to our case management software, a billing statement, and ability to pay directly on line with up-to-date secure encrypted software;
  5. We will ensure that you have all of the information you need to feel confident enough to represent yourself in court;
  6. We will provide document storage of your case for the time provided by your fee agreement.

What happens when my case is complete?

Once your case has concluded, either through disposition, settlement, or judgment, you will continue to have access to the case management account until the end of the following month. At that time, your case will be closed and you will no longer have online access to your documents.  We recommend that you keep a personal file of all of your documents, but if you need documents after your case has been closed, we will provide them for up to one year via email, free of charge.

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