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What does LegalPal™ Legal Services cost?

Pre-Nuptial Agreements – $600

A pre-nuptial agreement between two adult individuals is designed to protect one or both individuals’ pre-marital assets including all financial resources, property and material possessions.  Clients must be in complete agreement on all terms, competent to enter into a legally binding contract, and over the age of 18.

Uncontested Divorces – $1,000

An uncontested divorce can be an easy and stress-free way to separate without the hassle of hurt feelings, high attorney’s fees, and stress on the rest of the family.  Clients must agree to all of the terms regarding alimony, property division, child support and visitation (if applicable), health and life insurance, marital debt, finances, and post-minority education expenses.  An uncontested divorce by agreement of the parties takes very little time and in most cases is complete the same day in court.

Small Claims – $500

Small claims cases are typically heard by court appointed magistrates and may be brought by individuals seeking redress for damages of less than $5,000.  We assist you in preparing the paperwork, ensuring service is proper, reviewing for accuracy and assisting you with understanding the law so you can properly present your case in court.

Housing Matters or Landlord/Tenant Disputes – $750

Whether you are a landlord trying to evict someone or a tenant being evicted, you need to understand how the process works and what your rights are.  We can help guide you through the process and assist you with preparing the best offense or defense for your case.

Personal Injury Negotiation – $2,000

If you have been injured due to a dog bite, auto accident, slip and fall, or through the general negligence of another person, we will assist you with negotiating an acceptable settlement with the insurance company.  We will also provide you with tips and instructions on how to protect yourself throughout the process, how to create a strong demand letter, and guide you through your decision whether to accept settlement or begin litigation.  If your case does not settle, and you wish to begin litigation, a new agreement must be made for us to represent you but your fee will be subtracted against any recovery collected at the end of your case.

*Your damages must be substantially more than $2,000. If you are seriously injured, we recommend personal representation instead of attempting to do it yourself.

Wills and Trusts – $400 for individuals or $750 for couples

We will help protect your assets from having to go through probate and give your family and other loved ones peace of mind knowing your final wishes will be honored.  If assets are being distributed to minor children, a trust ensures protection of your assets and that they are used for the purpose you intend.

Social Security Disability Application Review – $300

Nearly 98% of all first-time SSD applications are denied. The reason is because applicants rarely know the right language to use and the important factors to highlight in the initial application.  We will review your application for accuracy and provide you with tips and recommendations to improve your chances of success. We cannot guarantee that your application will be approved, but complete and accurate applications may provide the edge that you need to be successful. This service is for document review and recommendations only and does not cover appeals beyond initial denial.

Criminal Diversionary Programs – $600

If you are facing criminal charges for the first-time and have not been convicted of any other crimes or used other programs in the past, you may qualify for a diversionary program.  Connecticut offers a variety of diversionary programs, each of which have their own rules, conditions and fees.  We will walk you through every step of the process and answer all of your questions along the way.  Of course you can do it yourself, but for an affordable predetermined fee, you can have the peace of mind of having an attorney in your corner.

  • Alcohol Education Program – for people charged with DUI
  • Drug Education and Community Service Program – for people charged with drug use or possession
  • Family Violence Education Program – for people charged with domestic violence
  • Accelerated Rehabilitation – for people charged with non-violent crimes that are not specifically covered by another program.

*Other diversionary programs exist and some programs can be used more than once or in combination with each other. Veterans also are eligible for use of certain programs more than once. Each program comes with a detailed explanation of its use, requirements to qualify, and conditions for successful completion. Upon successful completion, the charges are dismissed and erased from your record.

Additional Services:

  • Document preparation – $100 (We do the work for you)
  • Notary services – $5, plus travel costs if applicable
  • Legal research – $200 per hour (Additional retainer required in advance)


  • Additional case – 25% off list price
  • Military & Veterans – 10% off

Referral Fee – $50 off or refunded for each referral that becomes a LegalPal™

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